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Website Proposal Score Card

“Make sure you choose the right website design agency.”

Avoid brain freeze. Avoid contentious discussions and all that chest thumping.

Our scorecard will help your team objectively assess the strengths and weakness of each website redesign proposal. You’ll have a more productive and successful selection process. In the end, you’ll be happier with the agency you choose to redesign  your website.

About the Scorecard:

  • Intuitive Format – Judge agencies with 6 categories with multiple criteria.
  • Flexible Scoring – There are three options for scoring. Choose the one that best first the personality of your team.
  • Room for Notes – We give you room to take notes on the good, bad, and ugly. Plus we ask your team to write down their assumptions about each agency.

Thin out that stack of proposals, and also go into follow-up interviews with agencies prepared with the right questions. #likeaboss

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Request for Proposal Template (RFP Template)

“Writing an RFP shouldn’t take three weeks. Get it done today!”

So it’s time to relaunch your website, and you have some web design agencies who you think would be good at building what you want. This resources includes the 10 parts of a really good Request for Proposal (RFP) that will grab the attention of talented design agencies.

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Logo Scorecard

“It’s possible to have a pragmatic discussion on your company’s logo.”

Logos are controversial. Whether you are rebranding an established company, or you are designing your startup’s very first logo, the process never easy. With opinions flying like arrows, it can be hard to separate opinion from solid principals.

I created this scorecard based on 6 traits of a good logo outlined in a quote from Paul Rand, a legendary 20th Century graphic designer who focused primarily on corporate logos.  Rand argued that a logo’s effectiveness depends on distinctiveness, visibility, adaptability, memorability, universality, and timelessness.

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Getting Started on Writing About Your Business

“So you made it through your first year. Now it’s time work on your website. Where do you start?”

At smithHOUSE, we work with a lot of small business owners. We love these clients because they are passionate and motivated. Plus they have clarity that only comes from waking up each day knowing that you must create your own destiny.

One issue that we encounter with small business owners is that they have been so consumed with daily operations of their business that they have not taken the time to write clearly about what their company is all about.

Maybe they have a slogan. Maybe they have a quick verbal pitch, but where to go next can be intimidating.

We originally created this resource to use internally with our clients, and now want to share it with you. The answers to these questions are the building blocks that we use to write for print and web: descriptive copy, value propositions, comparative sequences, and reference stories. All this adds up to a simple idea: we tell a company’s story in a way that is meaningful to their customers.

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