6 Reasons Why LinkedIn Sucks. As Told Through Memes.

1. Creeping is okay once you put a tie on. I never thought about this until I talked to my female intern. She told me that all of these guys who she has never met wanted to be her "professional friend."  It made me think of LinkedIn in a total new way.  We know [...]

8 Logos that Should Have Been Better

How did this happen? How can otherwise successful companies have such bad logos? I am obsessed with logos. Most people glide through their day with their eyes skipping around signs, ads, and storefronts and think nothing of the logos. Me? I get really emotional. I want to clap when I see good [...]

4 Concepts That Every Project Manager Should Know

Most of your job will be defined by projects. How well you run those projects will define your career. I'm obsessed with how good ideas are executed. You know, how that "ah ha moment" matures into an actual thing. Nothing is more interesting to me than listening to someone's new idea, and then [...]

Internships: Computer Science, Marketing, Graphic and Web Design

smithHOUSE is a young Phoenix-based creative agency that focuses on branding, web, and mobile. We enjoy the sweet spot that is in the intersection of design, technology, and business. -AND- We need help. Your help. Work with us! We have 3 internship positions opening March 1, 2015: Computer Science / Web Development Internship [...]

Hello Apple Watch. Goodbye Fossil. Well done Shinola.

Apple releases the most sexy smart watch on the market. Now the wristwatch industry has to rethink itself in a brave new world. Winners. Losers, and what they can do to save themselves. I was chatting with designer Jeff Berghoff in the wake of Apple's announcement of the iPhone 6 and the Apple [...]

iWatch – Release the Designers

iTunes and the iPod released the musicians. iPhone released a new generation of software developers and game makers. The iWatch should release the designers: graphic designers, industrial designers, experience designers. In previous blog, I wrote that fundamentally, the iWatch has to solve the social problems that the iPhone has created. In a second [...]

iWatch + Health + $55 Billion in Venture Capital

Apple's Craig Federighi tries to keep a straight face as he shows the new Health platform residing on an iPad. "Just kidding it's meant for the iWatch." Apple, I See What You Did There. Health isn't a just a cool feature within iOS8, it points to Apple's next device--the iWatch. At WWDC last month, Apple's software [...]

iWatch – Make Us Fun Again

The iPhone is cool and very capable. But it has created cultural problems that we can do without. I've enjoyed following the buzz around this week's World Wide Developer's Conference in San Francisco. This is not Apple's preferred event for announcing upcoming products. But their new new features within iOS8 and OSX Yosemite prove that [...]