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Catholic Breakfast

Fr. John Muir was on a cross-country flight to see his family. Because he is a Roman Catholic priest, he draws a lot of attention on an airplane. (Maybe it’s the Roman collar? Maybe it’s the fact that nobody really likes to fly?) In less than an hour, he found himself in deep, beautiful conversations with new friends. Unfortunately, once the plane landed, the conversation and relationship came to an abrupt halt.


Branding System – Healthcare

Chris Faddis and Dr. John Oertle, co-founders of Solidarity HealthShare, approached smithHOUSE for visual upgrade for their startup. Their original logo had served its purpose in the organization’s first three years, but it was showing signs of weakness as Solidarity had grown.


Summer Camp Branding System

Life Teen Inc. is a Phoenix-based non-profit that helped churches start youth groups for high school teenagers. With over 800 Life Teen programs spread through the country, organizational leaders dared to make the giant leap into summer camps. Quickly they had secured two camp facilities–Georgia and Arizona–and were in talks to partner with a third in Missouri. The major capital investments were made, now it was time to get kids–and their adult leaders–to come to camp. How do you do it?


Crossfit Branding

Jackrabbit is a startup that creates innovative athletic equipment for the crossfit world. Their first product–a high intensity jump rope–was in development when they came to us. They were eager to establish their company with a great product and a branding system that set them apart from others rushing to the market.


Berghoff Design Group

Berghoff Design Group was a victim of their own success. For every year since Jeff Berghoff founded the company n 1998, the company has brought on new clients with no advertising and a modest website. Word of mouth spread quite quickly from neighbor to neighbor. When happy clients sing your praises, who has time to worry about the website?


Bulldog Catholic

Fr. Mike Schmitz is one righteous dude. On the weekends, he travels the country speaking at conferences. Then during the school week he’s storming the sidewalks meeting new students at the University of Minnesota Duluth in Minnesota. (Think: crunchy college town on Lake Superior.) Because of his personality and commitment, he’s built a vibrant Catholic community at their Newman center on campus.