Comparing Old School and New School Marketing 2017-07-05T18:53:33-07:00

Old School Marketing: Outbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing Defined: Buy people’s interest. Going “outbound” into the invading someone’s space with ads.

Ethos: Shout louder than the competition.

What it Looks Like:

  • Hard selling
  • Cold calling
  • Pushing your product
  • Ads: billboards, TV, radio, newsprint, and pop-up ads

Problems with Outbound Marketing

  • Expense: It is a “spending war” with your competitors.
  • Return on Investment: It is hard to determine what marketing efforts are driving sales.
  • Change in Buyer Patterns: Everyone does online research before they make purchases.  Outbound marketing ignores this new reality.

New School Marketing: Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing. Earn people’s interest. Offer remarkable content and resources to support the buyer’s journey.

Ethos:  Be human. Be helpful.

What it Looks Like

  • Drawing people to your the great content on your website through social media.
  • Offer premium content (video, eBooks, white papers) delivered to their inbox.
  • Follow-up with friendly emails to invite people to learn more about your company and how you can help them.
  • Strangers become website visitors. Visitors become leads. Leads become customers. Customers become promoters.

Inbound Marketing Strengths

  • Driving Traffic –  Inbound marketing is the most effective strategy for driving new traffic.
  • Focus – It’s common for companies to be on social media without seeing results.  With inbound, your social media strategy has focus.
  • Methodology – Inbound Marketing is based on buyer persona research, buyer journeys, and premium content offers.
  • Tools – Today, we have powerful tools for automation, analytics, and capturing leads.